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Every two weeks on the Entrepreneur’s Inner Game Podcast, Nina Cooke interviews successful business owners to discover their secrets of how they created a winning inner game to grow their business, build revenue and have time freedom. Popular guests include Catherine Watkin, Rob Goyette and Susan Epstein. Popular topics include: time freedom, creating more income, overcoming inner blocks. In alternate weeks, Nina shares her Golden Nuggets on how to remove your inner blocks, so you can your business faster and more easily. Find out more:
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Dec 19, 2019

Wendy Weiss

Wendy Weiss, the Queen of Cold Calling, is a sales coach and an expert at lead generation, cold calling and new client development. She walks her talk – she cold called Avon and they became her client!

She has taught hundreds of entrepreneurs how to sell, even those who aren’t natural sellers.

Wendy’s conversation is fascinating. She explains that everything she knows in life she learned in ballet class!

Listen in as she shares:

  • The big Myth about selling – this will set you free and open the door for your success in sales
  • The one thing that must happen if you want to sell high ticket products/services. You can’t skip this step
  • An easy step by step system to painlessly raise your prices by 2x, 3x, 5x or more
  • What to do if sales makes you feel like a used car salesman
  • A small change you can make that will shift everything about selling
  • The sure sign that reveals if your service is valuable – if you have doubts, check this out
  • A simple trick to raise your spirits after a setback
  • How to stay focused on your business even when life gets in the way
  • The secret of sales calls that get prospects to “Yes”

if you would like to start setting more qualified sales appointments in the next 24 hours, download Wendy’s ebook: The Cold Calling Survival Guide.

To discover how Wendy can help you make more sales, visit her here:

Nina x

Dec 19, 2019

Nicole Holland

Nicole is a media strategist and coach who specialize in podcast hosting as well as podcast guesting. Originally a corrections officer, Nicole ventured into the world of podcasting just a few years ago with absolutely zero street cred. No one knew her. In just a few months of podcasting she made the Apple New and Noteworthy Podcast list and stayed there for over 2 years. She’s featured on popular podcasts and was listed as one of Entrepreneur’s top 48 podcasts.

Listen in as she shares:

  • A technique to grow your audience (and get clients) that few are using. Are you?


  • Why podcasts are better than summits
  • The podcasting mindset trap that keeps you stuck in your business
  • How to connect to a network of influencers in a way that is second nature to you
  • A mindset shift that will keep you from taking any kind of rejection personally
  • The exact “come-from” that will make podcast hosts want you on their show
  • Why getting on podcasts is NOT a numbers game and what you must do instead to be welcomed on a show
  • Why it’s not a good idea to fake it till you make it as a podcast guest
  • The telltale sign that you’re ready to be a podcast guest, and what to do if you’re not
  • How top level leaders are just like you – this makes it easy for you to approach them
  • When to (and not to) approach top level hosts to be on their show
  • How to be sure others will see your value
  • An effective (and fun) first step to ease into podcasting if you’re not completely ready
  • The essential ‘Why’ that makes you appealing to influential podcast hosts

You’ll be surprised to know the many things people do wrong when trying to get on a podcast. Find out what will get an instant rejection or even cause you to be completely ignored. Discover how to get the Yes instead:

Nina x

Dec 18, 2019


Founder and creator of Business Creator’s Institute, Adam Hommey helps entrepreneurs like you win at the game of business and marketing so you can thrive from the intersection of your brilliance and passion. For years he’s been a secret weapon for dozens of entrepreneurs and business creators. He is the author of the Amazon best seller Groundhog Day is an Event, Not a Business Strategy.

Listen in as he shares:

  • Why positive change can cause self sabotage


  • How knowing your worst case scenario can boost the success of your business
  • The (uncomfortable) sign that a new and valuable lesson is coming through for you
  • The question to ask when you feel overwhelmed and exhausted that can turn your business around
  • An extremely effective phrase that allows you to instantly put difficulty in the past and begin to attract something amazingly better
  • A simple way to weed out unnecessary complication and maximize your results
  • What to do in times of uncertainty that will improve your mindset right away
  • Two super powerful steps that will remove the sting from setbacks and leap you forward in your business
  • The sharp awareness a speed bump can provide and how to spot it

Experience even more of Adam’s wisdom in his book Groundhog Day is an Event, Not a Business Strategy. He’ll help you to finally solve those pesky issues that keep holding back your business success. You can find the book on Amazon here. He made the book very inexpensive so it’s easily available to everyone.

“By approaching things from a place of minimalism, we can get maximum results. It is within small things that we can find our biggest discoveries.” – Adam Hommey

Nov 19, 2019

Carl Utter

Carl is the creator of the 800lb Gorilla Growth Model and is a sales consultant, coach and trainer. He’s been leading sales development initiatives for the last 25 years and is at the forefront of anything to do with sales, helping his clients with lead generation, building their sales “muscles” and keeping more of the money they bring in so they can enjoy more profit.

Listen in as Carl shares:

  • His journey from thriving musician to starving sales person to the mega successful sales person he is today
  • How to reframe the “No” so you can overcome any fear of rejection in sales (this is the secret to getting more “Yeses!)
  • The key to helping people buy your services… and it’s easier than you think :)
  • The process behind helping people to come to a definite decision at the end of a sales call so you’re not left with a “I’ll think about it.”
  • What “clicked” – the big breakthrough that finally enabled Carl to overcome his blocks to selling.
  • How to think about sales in a more empowering way (and what failure has to do with it!)
  • The three pieces of the closing triangle that will help you to fully stand in your value.
  • Why making a sale should never be the goal of a sales conversation, even if that feels counterintuitive … and what goal to set instead.
  • His No. 1 Sales Tip (try this to get more Yeses!)

To find out more about Carl’s work, visit his website at, where you can download his e-book, “How To Become The 800lb Gorilla.”.

Nina x

Nov 12, 2019

Christine Schlonski

Christine is the Queen of Sales Success Mindset. As a multi-talented leader in the field of sales success, mindset, motivation and strategies, Christine works with heart-centred entrepreneurs who love what they do but dislike selling. She shows people how to make sales with ease, confidence, and to charge your worth. Her extensive experience includes 12 years of successful selling, closing high ticket live events in the corporate world and as a high level sales director. Over the years, she’s made millions for herself and for the successful sales teams that she’s built throughout her career. Believe it or not, Christine didn’t always love sales, but after discovering personal development and training to be a coach she brought her two worlds together and found her sweet spot.

Listen in as Christine shares:

  • Her journey from being so nervous about making a sales call that her hands were shaking to a place of seeing sales as something to love.
  • What made things “just click” for her after years of being unhappy and unfulfilled in her work.
  • The biggest learning that gave her the confidence she needed to speed up her success.
  • How she got achieved a sense of inner peace in her business.
  • The secret to having the confidence to ask for your price.
  • The trick to building up your own sense of value so that you know that you’re worth every penny you’re asking for.
  • How she deals with "No’s"... it's much easier than you think 🙂

Find our more about Christine at, where you can download her free Empowerment Notes and listen to the “Heart Sells!” podcast.

You can also join Christine’s free “Heart Sells!” Facebook Group at:

Nov 9, 2019

Yann Ilunga

Yann is a podcasting consultant, international speaker and podcaster with over 300 episodes published. He helps podcasters, authors, coaches and entrepreneurs to be more efficient, get more exposure, acquire leads, and attract prospects, by leveraging podcast hosting, guesting and implementing automated systems. He’s been dubbed a Podcasting Advocate by Forbes, and a “Unicorn Level” Digital Marketing Expert by Inc Magazine.

If you are thinking about starting a podcast or already have one and would like to grow your audience, this episode is a must-listen!

Listen in as Yann shares:

How he went from listening to podcasts as study background noise to teaching other people how to use them to grow their business

How to pick yourself up and keep going when you have a setback
His biggest learning since starting his business (and how to get over the fear of implementing this learning)

The secret to avoid leaving opportunities on the table

Top Tip - how to have your own successful podcast

Find out more about Yann at or join 3,500 other members in his FREE “Podcast Growth Mastermind” Facebook Group at

Oct 3, 2019

David Newman

David runs a 10-person coaching company, working with speakers and experts on building more impact, freedom and scale into their high fee business models. He’s the best-selling author of ‘Do it! Marketing’ and the soon-to-be published book ‘Do it! Speaking’ His iTunes top 50 podcast, The Speaking Show, is the number one highest rated podcast on the business and speaking circuit. David Newman is one of the few people whose emails I always read because he packs such great content into each and every one!

Listen in as David shares:

  • How his mindset helped him to go from a struggling coach to leading a 10-person coaching company, best-selling author and renowned (and well-paid) speaker.
  • The key thing that helped him navigate some business disasters in the early days.
  • The questions that helped David put himself back on the path to doing work he loved whilst making good money and bringing the joy back into his business.
  • The secret to loving marketing and sales (yes, really!)
  • Four words that will change how you think of marketing and sales… forever!
  • How to stop being scared of rejection so you can handle and even learn to love those “No’s”
  • How to access the mindset of a great speaker and let go of the “terror” that many people feel when they think about public speaking.
  • How to give a great talk without having to memorise a word.

Find out more about David and sign up for his brilliant emails at and sign up for his free training at Or check out his fantastic speaking podcast at

Other resources mentioned in the podcast include the Best Self Journal and the Panda Planner.

Nina x

Jun 21, 2019


Adam King is the founder of Think Like a Fish, and shows professional service businesses how to build a client-catching ecosystem that frees up their time, generates qualified prospects and increases sales without having to spend a penny on advertising.

Listen in as Adam talks about:

  • The mindset that will help you to find and book more clients with less work
  • How understanding that Marketing is all about people can help you stand out from the crowd
  • Why entrepreneurs are afraid of Marketing… and how you can become a confident marketer
  • How to construct authentic marketing messages that catch your audience’s attention
  • A simple technique to ensure you stay top-of-mind for your ideal clients
  • How to get over the fear of “putting yourself out there” – this is essential if you want to get more clients
  • His Top Tip to overcome procrastination and get into action

Head over to to get access to a free master class where you can learn how to build a client-catching business without spending a penny on marketing. Connect with him on LinkedIn and visit to find out more about Adam.

Nina x

Jun 20, 2019


Mark Firth founded the Linkedpreneures community after spending over a decade in B2B sales working for companies like Siemens and IBM. He helps business owners and solopreneurs get a consistently predictable pipeline of paying clients. His background is in B2B selling and he is always focused on building relationships as part of the sales process. The Linkedpreneurs approach is very much based on this thinking: relationship and quality over volume and spammy messages.

Listen in as Mark talks about:

  • Pushing through fear and stepping out of your comfort zone to grow your business more quickly
  • How self-awareness changed his mindset and created the breakthrough to his success
  • A great way to deal with setbacks and move on quickly
  • How to take big bold action to generate more client sales
  • Why traditional marketing doesn’t work on LinkedIn… and what to do instead
  • How to use your profile to build relationships on LinkedIn
  • Why overcoming the fear of connecting on Linkedin is holding you back… and how to get over it
  • How to use failure to propel you forward
  • Mark’s Top Tip to make LinkedIn work for you
  • Having fun building your business!
  • Why it’s crucial to have a mindset coach to create a successful business you love

Find Mark online at, LinkedIn and Facebook

Nina x

Jun 20, 2019

Janelle Holden

Janelle Holden is the co-founder and CEO of DeFY Sales, a sales agency that provides outsourced sales teams and consulting to online business coaches and consultants who want to add at least another $1,000,000 in revenue to their business. Janelle is a social media and sales expert who shows home-based and online-based business owners how to wake up to new online leads every day and convert those leads to new clients and customers so that they never have to worry about cash flow again.

Listen in as Janelle talks about:

  • How she went from burnout to creating a balanced work/life while scaling her business
  • Why she loves the first conversation she has with prospects
  • How to get over your fear of pitching – this is pure gold!
  • The key to using fear and excitement to your advantage
  • How to build a sales process to turn your prospects into paying clients
  • The best way to build trust and rapport with prospects and clients
  • How to get your mind and body ready before a pitch
  • Practice makes perfect- set yourself up for success!
  • How to create unstoppable confidence in your value
  • The secret to having zero objections by the end of the call
  • How to take the lead and keep the conversation on track in every sales call
  • Her Top Sales Tip to convert more prospects into clients

Find out more about how Janelle can help you to reach your sales goals by emailing her at

Nina x

Jun 20, 2019


Peter Sandeen is an expert on the fundamentals that make marketing consistently effective. He helps clients to create optimum results with their marketing messaging, with their sales funnels and conversion optimization. Many experts uses his processes and framework to simplify the most complex marketing topics because his methods work. He has an amazing way of giving really practical advice which you can follow through to get great results.

Listen in as Peter talk about:

  • The fear of putting your message out there and how to enjoy it more
  • How to focusing on the process to get the best possible result
  • The way to overcome setbacks and to keep the momentum going in your business
  • The easiest way to create a value proposition that will showcase your expertise
  • How to make compelling offers your audience will love
  • Learning from other people’s success and making it work for your business
  • Why failure is a good thing!
  • How to overcome the fear of being seen online
  • Ignoring negative comments and feedback online
  • What to keep in mind when you want to send out a powerful marketing message

Join Peter's email list at to get weekly emails where Peter shares practical answers to marketing challenges to get quicker results.

Nina x

May 8, 2019


Vanessa Vallely is an award-winning entrepreneur, she worked in the corporate world for more than 25 years before she opened her own business. She has perfected the art of networking and is one of the most successful networkers in the UK. She founded to create a platform for women to find success in their chosen fields, and has changed the lives of thousands of women.

Listen in on this podcast to learn about:
• The work ethic that her mother a drilled into her and which she has used to build her huge success
• How Vanessa came up with a ground breaking idea and turned it from a dream into reality
• Why the values you build your business upon are crucial to your success
• Vanessa’s guidelines on how to overcome setbacks to keep the momentum going in your business
• The real reason why some entrepreneurs are successful and why others aren’t
• What to focus on to ensure you reach your goals
• How to stand out as an expert in a crowded market
• The key questions every entrepreneur must ask themselves to maintain continued growth
• How to make networking fun, enjoyable and effective… this is the way to do it!

Find out more about Vanessa at Follow her on twitter:

Feb 20, 2019

Milana Leshinsky

Milana Leshinsky is the founder of The Simplicity Circle. She is the author of Coaching Millions and co-founder of JV Insiders Circle. She is also the creator of recurring revenue revolution and the inventor of telesummit. Originating from Soviet Ukraine, she came here 25 years ago as a classical musician with almost zero knowledge of the business world and now has almost built six-seven figure businesses. She is passionate about showing entrepreneurs how to use simplicity as a growth strategy.

Listen in, as she talks about:

• Why failure is never an option and why you should never quit
• How to be resourceful ad find a way to make it work
• Choosing strategies and activities in business which brings you joy
• What resources you need to grow your business and how to use them to get consistent growth
• The importance of identifying and playing to your strengths and abilities to have more success
• How to feel confident and comfortable about building relationships to grow
• The way to handle difficult situations… this is crucial to keep moving forward
• The essential steps of planning your day to get the most out of it
• How to remove overwhelm by using simplicity as a growth strategy for your business

To find out more about Milana and her work visit:

Feb 20, 2019


Nancy Tierney is the CEO of Firecracker Communication. She has been copywriting for the past 7 years for the biggest 6 to 7 figure coaches online today. She helps her clients to get a clear on their message and own their unique voice.

Listen in as she talks about:

• How to build a stronger mindset to attract more clients
• How to come out of your comfort zone to get big results
• The importance of being confident in yourself and your talents to market yourself successfully
• Why comparing yourself to others isn’t serving you
• How to write copy authentically… so your readers become excited about working with you
• Why trusting yourself is crucial for your and your business’ growth
• The elite mindset of super successful entrepreneurs
• How to cope with the fear of rejection so you can create more success

To find out more about Nancy and her work, visit:

Feb 20, 2019


Anthony Constantino is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sticker Mule, one of the biggest custom sticker websites with over hundreds of employees worldwide and printing operations in the United States and Europe. His online and renowned customers are Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

Listen in as he talks about:

• Why it is essential, as an entrepreneur, to have “I can do that” thinking
• How his attitude of never giving up has played a major role in his success
• Be clear about where you’re setting the bar for yourself – this will determine your success
• The power of focusing on your goal to make it a reality
• How to deal with setbacks and challenges which you face along the way
• How to avoid becoming a workaholic
• His No. 1 Mindset Tip to reach your goals

To find more about Anthony visit:

Feb 20, 2019


Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach and chief rabble rouser of MasterPeace business coaching for more than 20 years. Her aim is to liberate business owners from the curse of “not enough” and the myth that hard work pays off. She guides business entrepreneurs on how to create a less hectic working environment to skyrocket their business.

Listen in as she talks about:

• How you can experience ease, personal freedom and fun while growing your business
• Why it is important to be passionate about your service to get big results
• The mindset you need to attract more clients
• Why having faith and feeling inspired when things aren’t going to plan are key to your success
• Feeling gratitude and appreciation for yourself and your business will help you deliver incredible service to your clients
• How you can boost your energy to get excited about your offer/strategy
• The technique to bring in more abundance

To find out more about Jeanna visit:

Jan 25, 2019

John Corcoran

John Corcoran is an attorney, writer, father, and a former Clinton White House Writer and Speechwriter to the Governor of California. Throughout his career, John has worked in Hollywood, the heart of Silicon Valley, and ran his own boutique law firm in the San Francisco Bay Area catering to small business owners and entrepreneurs. He is also the creator of Smart Business Revolution and the Smart Business Revolution podcast.

Listen in, as he talks about:

• The critical role your mindset plays in the pursuit of success
• How to form strong relationships with your ideal clients
• Why delivering value is crucial to growing your business
• How to stop self-sabotaging thoughts which can keep you stuck
• The art of reaching out to and connecting with like-minded people
• How to keep your thinking focused on what you want and away from what you don’t want
• Practicing meditation to create more clarity in your thinking
• The first micro step that you can take to achieve bigger goals
• His Top Tip on starting to think bigger

To find about John Corcoran and his work please visit: and

Jan 24, 2019


Cindy Schulson is the founder of “Marketing from Within.” She helps coaches and consultants to get their messages heard by marketing with heart vs. hype. She has a decade of marketing experience working for companies such as Coca-Cola and Visa, combined with a decade of online marketing to create a paradigm shift in how marketing can be done with integrity and heart.

Listen in as she talks about:

• Why taking a big step back at challenging moments is crucial for your success
• Why your personal values and vision is vital for your growth
• How honouring your voice and trusting yourself is the heart of your brand
• Applying your strengths and experience in a passionate way will help you to build your business
• How to target your list of ideal dream clients
• Discovering your Marketing Wow to make your strategy come to life
• Dealing with setbacks
• Her Top Tip to get your message heard so you can create a more profitable business

To find out more about Cindy and her work, visit:


Nina x

Jan 23, 2019

Jim Padilla

Jim Padilla is the founder of Gain the Edge, a sales and leadership training company. He is a gifted coach who combines a deep knowledge of sales and motivation, and has the ability to teach clearly and inspire his listeners to take action. Jim is also a Sales and Leadership Trainer, Speaker and a Business Consultant. His signature strength is helping people make the mindset shift necessary to overcome the challenges that hold them back.

Listen in as he talks about:

  • Why mindset is the secret weapon to reach your sales goals and how to step into the best possible mindset to achieve your vision
  • How to be the leader in your sales conversations to get more Yeses
  • His incredible journey from an abusive childhood to intentionally creating a life he loves
  • How to respond and react with intention to get big results
  • Making powerful decisions with the right state of mind
  • How he got over setbacks to create a hugely successful business
  • His Top Tip on helping clients through sales engagement

To find out more about Jim Padilla and his work, visit:

Visit his Facebook Group, See You at 7!

Nov 23, 2018


George Huang started out as a young plastic surgeon in 1995 and struggled mightily with the business side of medicine. Overcoming those challenges ultimately inspired him to become a business guide and mentor and now he helps service-oriented entrepreneurs rapidly accelerate their business reach and revenue.

Listen in as he talks about:
- Being authentic and knowing who you are will help you to build your business
- Becoming the problem solver so people are drawn to working with you
- The power of curiosity to bring in more clients
- The two factors that are required to shift your mindset
- Why seeing the bigger picture is essential for your business
- His strategies and tactics to deal with setbacks
- How to control your thinking to take bigger action
- How to be productive and get forward momentum
- His Top Tip on how to grow your revenue

To find out more about George Huang and his work, visit:  and

Nov 23, 2018



Steve Gordon is the author of the “The Exponential Network Strategy,” and the host of The Unstoppable CEO podcast. He has invested the last 20 years in the study and application of selling high-ticket services. He is the editor of four business newsletters read by thousands of CEOs, professional practitioners, entrepreneurs, and sales pros around the world. Steve consults with businesses in 30 different industries, all selling high-ticket products and services in high-trust selling environments.

Listen in as Steve talks about:
- Why being aware of your thinking is crucial for greater clarity and improved decision-making
- The secret to thinking bigger and how to take big actions to grow your business
- Stepping back to see the big picture is vital for your business growth
- How comparing yourself with others can destroy your confidence
- The importance of creating and cultivating business relationships to support you as you grow
- How to successfully reach out to prospects so it’s a win-win for both of you
- His top three Mindset Tips to get better results without working harder

Find out more about Steve Gordon and his work at

Sep 7, 2018

Tom Matzen is an international best-selling author and seminar presenter. He has been interviewed by Success Mag, Inc. Mag, Entrepreneur, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and 100’s of radio & TV Stations across North America. Tom leads an emerging global enterprise with a mission to transform the world by empowering entrepreneurs to embrace the new norm in business – that of doing good and making money at the same time.

Listen in as he talks about:

  • Why embracing failure is essential to your success… and how to pick yourself up and move on
  • Why testing and measuring your goals is crucial to your business growth
  • How business is all about managing chaos and frustration… and how you can do this
  • Why an active meditation process can help you to ground yourself for greatness
  • Why inner wisdom is required to turn your business around
  • Outsourcing is one of the best secret weapons for entrepreneurs to generate quality leads
  • Why the most valuable asset is time… not money



I would love your review! If you enjoy what I share in this episode, please leave a review and comment on iTunes. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Nina x


Sep 7, 2018

Dr. Nancy Zare is the owner of Rapport Builderz and a sales psychologist who specializes in self-conversations and helps people in learning how to ask for business and talk about money in a comfortable and confident way.

Listen in as she talks about:

  • What are the four biggest obstacles of one’s personality.
  • How to face criticism and deal with it.
  • How to shift your mindset approach to tell a new story.
  • How to overcome your fear of public speaking in order to attract prospects.
  • The secret of success is treating others the way they want to be treated.
  • How to keep the flow of the conversation going by pitching points.
  • Why giving value to prospects beliefs is a big part of a conversation?
  • Her Top Tip to attract your ideal prospects and easily convert them into clients.



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Nina x

Sep 7, 2018

Melinda Coss created the largest handmade soap company in the UK before selling it in 2004 and moving to France. Melinda now runs business training and mentoring programs internationally for new business entrepreneurs, from conceptualizing an idea to major international distribution. She is the bestselling author of 27 internationally published books on crafts including three dedicated to soap-making.

Listen in as she talks about:

  • Why confidence and courage are the keys to successful entrepreneurship
  • Why Focus is crucial to turn your business idea into something that works
  • How moving out of your comfort zone will help you grow more
  • The importance of being incredibly honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses
  • How supported team members also play a vital role in your business success
  • Why opening up your mind to new ideas can help you improve your business model
  • The Key to going for it and taking huge leaps of faith along the way
  • Her no. 1 Mindset Tip to creating a winning inner game to enjoying a successful business



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Nina x

Jun 6, 2018

Steve Olsher has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and is the chairman and co-founder of He is also the NY Times bestselling author of What Is Your WHAT?, a keynote speaker, and a host at Reinvention Radio. Steve has been helping entrepreneurs gain MASSIVE visibility at no cost by leveraging the power of new media.

Listen in as he talks about:

  • Why taking a higher degree of risk can bring you a huge return
  • 2 Key Questions to ask yourself when assessing a higher risk opportunity
  • Why perseverance is a key factor in running a successful business
  • Why entrepreneurial spirit is essential to your business growth
  • His 7 life-altering principles for making powerful decisions
  • How a YES or NO can impact whether you achieve your ultimate goals
  • His Top Tip on how to use your mindset to leverage your business



I would love your review! If you enjoy what I share in this episode, please leave a review and comment on iTunes. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Nina x

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