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Every week on the Entrepreneur’s Inner Game Podcast, Nina Cooke interviews successful business owners to discover their secrets of how they created a winning mindset to grow their business, build revenue and create time freedom. Popular guests include John Lee Dumas, Scott Oldford, Rob Goyette, and Susan Epstein. Popular topics include: creating a mindset for more success, overcoming inner blocks to play a bigger game, enrol more clients and increase your income without working harder. Find out more: Get free training to increase your income here:
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Oct 3, 2020

Ted Prodrumou, America’s Leading LinkedIn Coach, is the author of five best-selling books including Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business and Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business. He’s had a wild ride in his career and started from scratch again when he was 52 years old. He is a social selling expert and the founder of search marketing simplified, a full-service social media training firm.

Listen in as he shares:

  • The importance of personality development training that has helped him with his struggling mindset on how to sell himself as a coach
  • How he survived the dot com crash and other economy and market recessions by constantly reinventing himself
  • Why getting laid off his dream job allowed him to write very successful business books despite not having written a book his entire life
  • How his mindset saved him from struggling in the first downturn of the economy in the last 20 years
  • The secret of his resiliency and how he manages to pick himself up and move forward with every setback he gets
  • The importance of self-care and daily alone time to start your day right
  • The right way to start online conversations on LinkedIn

If you would like to discover how to use LinkedIn for your Business, get a free copy of his book: Ultimate Guide To LinkedIn for Businesses Third Edition. To learn more about the other tools Ted uses to improve your business, visit his site here:

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Oct 3, 2020

Richard C. Wilson is the founder of The Family Office Club, the largest association of over 2,000 registered ultra-wealthy families and their family offices. He is the best-selling author of The Single Family Office. The Family Office Club also owns and operates

Listen in as he shares:

  • How he developed a success-focused mindset from childhood
  • Practical strategies to maintain high energy levels and why this gives you an advantage in business
  • His daily mindset routine (in his shower) ensures he keeps firmly focused on his goals and vision
  • Why not accepting the status quo can be a good thing and how to use it to your advantage
  • The importance of taking risks to reach your goals (and why mindset is key)
  • Top Tip: how to do outreach without being pushy and salesly

Learn more about the ultra-wealthy investors of the family office club and download their free book here:

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Aug 11, 2020

Back by popular demand, Tom Poland joins us again to share his wisdom and lessons learned as a hugely successful marketer and author of the Leadsology® series and the creator of marketing programs by the same name. His specialty is the generation of a predictable weekly flow of high quality, inbound, new client inquiries. He’s spoken on global speaking platforms alongside the likes of Brian Tracy, Marshall Goldsmith, Dr Ivan Misner, Michael Port and many other marketing greats.

Listen in as he shares:

  • How and why some businesses are thriving in the COVID19 era and his top tips to help you to do the same
  • Why visualizing the worst-case scenario could help you overcome the fear of the unknown to grow your business exponentially
  • How to use negative situations to flip the switch in our thinking so we can become instant problem solvers
  • The key to dissolving, pent-up helpful emotions to gain clarity
  • The Four Forces model: Tom walks us through a set of laser-focused mini-exercises to enable you to differentiate fear from fiction so you an overcome your inner demons.
  • Why it’s essential to expand your comfort zone for your personal and business growth

You can get Tom’s The Million Dollar Ceiling book for FREE here: Leadsology Free Stuff Join Tom’s Facebook community to receive cutting-edge advice on how to generate inbound leads, and invitations to exclusive and free Events: Leadsology Facebook Group.

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Aug 6, 2020

Jane Sagalovich is the founder of Scale Your Genius, a company that helps established coaches, experts, and consultants create and sell results-oriented, profitable, and sustainable online programs. Jane shows her clients how to scale their genius, reclaim their time and maximize their impact and income.

Listen in as Jane shares:

  • Why the simple act of journaling can help you to gain deep insights to propel your business forward
  • How to use discomfort and fear to achieve your vision… without self sabotaging your success
  • The importance of creating a clearly defined vision to motivate and focus you to reach your goals
  • What’s really holding you from taking action, and how to remove that resistance
  • Why being unattached to the need for quick wins can help you to achieve your goals more freely and easily
  • Her process to overcome setbacks… this is how to build a resilient mindset to create sustainable success
  • This One Simple Act can scale your business significantly and easily

If you would like access to Jane’s incredible free content and gain access to her inspiring community, join her Facebook group here: To create your own results-oriented, profitable, and sustainable online programs that help you reclaim your time and maximize your impact and income, visit her work here:

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Jun 29, 2020

Michael Zipursky has advised organizations and leaders in over 30 industries across multiple countries. He is an in-demand speaker and is the author of five books including Profitable Relations: How to Dramatically Increase Your Profits By Giving Customers What They Really Want, the Consulting Success System: How to Become a Successful Consultant, and the Masters of Consulting Interviews. He is also a host of the Consulting Success Podcast.

Whether you are just starting out in consulting or a veteran, Michael’s program at Consulting Success will help you develop a predictable pipeline of clients and increase your revenue 200 to 500 percent or more. Build a system that will attract your ideal clients, earn higher fees, and enjoy an amazing lifestyle.

In today’s informational episode, Michael shares some of his best tips for achieving the goals you have as an entrepreneur. He shares these insights:

  • Why persistence will bring you huge breakthroughs and how to build it
  • How to get clear on your goals and why you shouldn’t deviate from them (it’s not about the money)
  • How to find a right coach that help you to transform your success – (you’ll be surprised what to look for)
  • Top Tips for getting comfortable by being uncomfortable – this is how to exponentially grow as a business owner
  • How to manage change in your business and evaluate it to make great decisions to grow

Read more about Michael’s coaching options, books, podcast, and other resources by visiting learn more at his Consulting Success Official Facebook page, and follow Consulting Success on Twitter.

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Jun 27, 2020

Nathan Hirsch is an entrepreneur and expert in e-Commerce and remote hiring. He is the co-founder of which started in 2015 with just 5k, built up to $12 million in annual sales, and was acquired in 2019. He is now working on, a course that teaches business owners and entrepreneurs how to interview, onboard, train, and manage virtual assistants to scale their businesses.

Nathan has been interviewed on 200+ podcasts including Entrepreneur on Fire and has been listed on the Entrepreneur 360 List for two years in a row as one of the best entrepreneurial companies in America.

Listen in as Nathan shares:

  • Why it is vital to grow a network and build partnerships as a business owner
  • Top Tips for organically marketing your business without a big budget
  • How to use your mindset to overcome rejection so you keep taking bigger action to create bigger success
  • How to Build a Problem-solving Mindset to Create More Success
  • Why building a strong mindset will keep you going when things get tough (and they will)
  • How to know when you need to hire someone and the key tasks to delegate to free you up to work on your business
  • Four vital secrets for adding a new member to your team
  • Why you should quit trying to be “normal”!

You can learn more about Nathan by visiting his Facebook page or Instagram, and by visiting

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Jun 26, 2020

Omar Zenhom is the CEO and co-founder of WebinarNinja, named one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in 2018. Founded in 2014, over a million people have attended a webinar on WebinarNinja.


Omar is also the host of The $100 MBA Show. It was named the 2014 iTunes Best Podcast, has over 1,300 episodes, has been downloaded over 90 million times, and is ranked as a top business podcast in over 30 countries around the world.


Listen in as Omar shares:


  • How to intentionally use your emotions and mindset to grow your business
  • Why it is important to embrace change and use it as a catalyst to create huge growth
  • The often overlooked importance of communication skills and how to make sure you’re using them to further your success
  • How to build resilience to get over setbacks, take risks and make mistakes
  • The easy way to recognize the things that you value most in your life – and how to make them a priority
  • Why you need to define what success means to you (it’s not what you think).

To learn more about Omar you can visit his website at, listen to his podcast at, and learn more about WebinarNinja at

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May 27, 2020

Lisa Bloom is the founder of Story Coach and works with entrepreneurs and business owners to find their success story, build their confidence, and attract ideal clients. She trains coaches to use storytelling to impact their business growth and clients.

Lisa is an accredited coach, author, leadership, and mentor expert and her techniques have helped her grow her business and become an international speaker. She is the author of the Amazon best seller, “Cinderella and the Coach – the Power of Storytelling for Coaching Success!” and the creator of the Stories That Sell Mastery & Certified Story Coach Programs. Her past clients include Microsoft, HP, NICE, Intel, and Cisco. She has spoken in over 14 countries around the world.

In this episode, Lisa shares:

  • How to use storytelling as a coaching tool to light up your business
  • How to determine if your story is serving you and Top Tips for skyrocketing its impact
  • Why you shouldn’t be fearful when things don’t work out the way you hoped they would
  • What Imposter Syndrome is and how you can change your mindset to overcome it
  • Valuable insights for overcoming your negative thoughts
  • How to recognize and embrace opportunities to take your game to the next level
  • Why sometimes the best things happen when you simply do them (and how to make sure you don’t self sabotage yourself)

You can learn more about Lisa at her website at or visit her on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Nina x

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Apr 14, 2020

Scott Oldford is the creator of the 6 Pillar Framework and The R.O.I. Method, systems that help entrepreneurs create sustainable business models and scale their business. He started his first business at the age of 7 selling eggs on his parents’ acreage, and has since scaled 10 businesses to over 7 figures. His work has been viewed by millions of entrepreneurs through publications including TIME, Forbes, Business Insider, MSNBC, and Entrepreneur, Inc.

In this episode, Scott shares:

  • How he found the winning combination of Mindset + Taking Big Action to grow his business
  • How to believe that ANYTHING is possible and turn it into your reality
  • His Top Tip for using failure to catapult you toward success
  • His Top Tip for rewiring your mindset (even if you grew up believing that you couldn’t be successful)
  • Why you have to be a little bit delusional to be a successful entrepreneur
  • How to recognize the key point in your business when you need to uplevel your game – if you miss this, you’ll continue to plateau
  • Why 90%of your focus needs to be on your mindset, NOT on marketing, strategy and tactics
  • How to align 100% behind your goals – it’s much easier than you think

Learn more about Scott and all his many resources by visiting, Facebook page, YouTube Channel, and Instagram.

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Apr 7, 2020

John Lee Dumas, is the founder and host of Entrepreneurs On Fire. This award-winning podcast helps inspire entrepreneurs on their journey by interviewing other successful entrepreneurs. JLD has interviewed over 2,000 entrepreneurs including Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Barbara Corcoran, and more.

If you don’t want to spend your day doing 90 percent things you don’t enjoy and just 10 percent doing things you love, JLD will show you how! With Entrepreneurs On Fire he will deliver the strategies you need to create the life you’ve always wanted.

In this enlightening episode, JLD shares:

  • How to create an inner game that will skyrocket your business results
  • Where the magic for your business really happens – it has nothing to do with working harder
  • What the best course of action is when you are facing fear – this is inspiring
  • His Top Three Tips for putting your focus in the right place to get achieve more than ever before
  • How to make goals that will really make you happy
  • Why you should love setbacks – he does and here is why…

Learn more about JLD and a huge variety of resources to help entrepreneurs at He can help you discover your BIG IDEA in less than one hour.

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Mar 29, 2020

Bria is an entrepreneurial veteran that has captured the strategies of financial and high-tech businesses to help his clients rapidly grow. He has helped businesses on four contents and helped them productize their service and scale while working fewer hours.

Frank lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and is the father to three beautiful daughters. He is the author of the internationally best-selling book “Scale” and the host of the podcast The 6 to 7 Figures Show where he interviews business owners and entrepreneurs that are on the way to, or have already scaled, their business to seven figures.

In this episode, Frank shares his top tips for shifting your mindset to grow your business while working less:

  • Frank’s mindset secrets that helped him to achieve his business goals
  • How he changed his business model from working as a consultant to becoming the owner of a leveraged business
  • Tools for overcoming challenges you will face using nothing more than your mindset – these will speed up your business growth
  • The 3 Big Mindset Shifts to scale your business… simple ,yet hugely impactful
  • Why Fear of Success is causing you to self-sabotage your success and how you can overcome it
  • How to believe in your value so you can charge your worth

You can learn more about Frank and look at his resources and programs at

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Mar 28, 2020

Tom Poland is a marketing mentor that started his first business at just 24. He has since started and sold four others, with two of them going international. In that time, he managed annual revenue of over 20 million. He is the author of The Million Dollar Ceiling and creator of the learning program Leadsology: The Science of Being in Demand.

Over 2,000 businesses across 193 different industries and four continents have completed his program and added millions to their earnings. Tom has spoken at international programs with the likes of Michael Gerber, Brian Tracy, Richard Koch, and more.

In today’s content-packed episode, Tom shares his tips for creating a flow of high-quality new clients every week:

  • How to unleash your power to achieve your outcomes
  • The key to identifying your true motivation… this is transformational
  • Why having an ego isn’t always a bad thing…
  • The Four Forces that can shape you and your business
  • How to get past your fears and resistance in order to create a flow of new clients every week

Discover more about Tom’s coaching, programs, and more by visiting, learn more Leadsology on his official Facebook page, and follow Tom on Twitter @tompoland.

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Mar 28, 2020

Josh Fonger is a consultant, coach. Through his consulting firm, Work the System Enterprises, he has worked with over 100,000 business owners from over 50 countries. These businesses range from small startup businesses to large enterprises. He has become one of the most in-demand small business consultants in North America.

Josh’s specialty is helping businesses properly systemize their operations to achieve exponential growth and achieve millions of dollars in profit. His method is based on the book “Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less” which has helped thousands of business owners take their business to the next level.

In this episode Josh discusses how you can “Work the System” to build your own success:

  • How a simple meeting at a coffee shop turned into a lucrative business
  • How to use Failure to create more success
  • Why it’s crucial to build an identity that is separate from your business
  • Reasons why entrepreneurs get stuck …and what you can do when it happens to you
  • His Top Mindset Tip that has helped him through the toughest times
  • This is how to have a successful day… every day
  • His Top Top to Systemize your business… and it’s not what you think!
  • Why an ambitious future vision is vital for your success

Learn more about Josh, check out all of the resources he shares on the website, and grab your free Work the System book at

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Nina x

Mar 18, 2020

Ronnie Nijmeh, founder of, is the leading content provider for coaches with over 13,000 done for you white label products. He has also mentored and coached tens of thousands of coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs.

In this content-packed episode, Ronnie shares his top mindset tips to create real business growth.

Listen in as he shares:

  • How to Commit to taking Action in your business – it’s surprisingly easy.
  • Why it’s a bad idea to focus on your past experiences – this is critical for creating more success.
  • How to deal with negatives comments you will receive while building your business…because you will get plenty.
  • The secret to getting out of your own way – this is important to start taking big action.
  • Key Organizational Tips to stop the overwhelm and gain clarity.
  • A simple way to maximize your energy and use it to your advantage.
  • An easy way to build resilience so you can fly past setbacks in record time.

If you would like to learn more about downloading and branding Ronnie’s resources for your business, visit where you can review products and easily customize them with your own branding.

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Nina x